Armageddon Earth Online

What is Armageddon Earth Online?

Armageddon Earth Online (AEO) is a groundbreaking MMORPG where humans are not the masters and the world lives on even when they are not around.  The world is not your oyster and survival is not guaranteed.

In AEO your first steps are to secure your survival in the post-apocalyptic world.  Once the basics are taken care of, you can then branch out to find forms of civilization.  In the various pockets of civilization you may barter for goods, sell items you have crafted, and obtain resources.  Eventually, with enough skill gain, you can build your own war machine to travel around or conquer the world.  Build up your own portion of the world, hire NPCs to tend to it, craft unique items of the highest quality, explore vast lands, master the "magical" art of weilding nanotechnology, wage war on your enemies, and design the war machine of your dreams.

What is Unique about it?
Evolving World
After living for decades in the mind of the game's creator, a new technology developed by Improbable, called Spatial OS, allows for vision to become reality.  With Spatial OS, the world continues to exist when players are not around.  Enemies will grow in strength, organize, and capture territory when left unchecked.  Leave the radicals alone long enough and they may create the next biological attack.  Animals will hunt for food and mates, trees will grow, lightning will cause wildfires, and seasons will change.
Artificial intelligence takes on new meaning in AEO as NPCs exist in their own right.  They form relationships, have emotions towards others, and even have enemies. They eat, sleep, and search for fulfillment of their needs, with or without input from players.
You will not be expected to create a stone axe to harvest rocks when you first enter the world of AEO, but you will have to tend to the basic need of staying alive.  You will scavenge,  steal, and fight for the things you need to live.  If you are lucky enough to survive long enough, you may find your own area to colonize whether it be in the desolation of the wastelands, a crowded safe-zone, or a small part of the lush New-Eden.
Build your shelter, farm the land, hire NPCs, and eventually expand to create new areas or control other's through a complete stewardship program.  It is the future, but many aspects of society have reverted back to the ways of old.
You are not alone
NPCs in AEO are their own beings, which means you can hire or befriend them to aid in your journeys.  Unlike other games, they will not just stand in one place, offering to buy or sell goods from a list.  They will move around, eat, sleep, and even take time off from their duties.  Fail to pay them and they will leave you, or worse, fight you.  They will gain skills and experience and your actions will determine how close of an ally they are.  Take them on journeys to fight alongside you, have them ride as a gunner in your vehicle, or hire them to tend your crops.
Solo or massively multiplayer
AEO is an MMORPG but you can play it alone, with another friend, a group of friends, or a guild of thousands.  There are no typical "raids" or events you have to find others to help you with.  You can hire your own NPCs to be your guild-mates and play the entire game without partnering with another person if you so desire.
If you like to play in a guild, or run your own guild, there are no limits in AEO.  Battles with hundreds of players on each side are completely possible and encouraged.  The creator of AEO ran a 1000+ member guild for several years and AEO will include many features that make guild management easy and rewarding.  Everything from a vassal program to recruitment management will be included.  Do you want new members to only be allowed to use the guild stores if they have played at least 20 hours while in the guild and with others? Done.  Rules like this will help you operate more efficiently and let you worry about having fun instead of managing red-tape.  Spend time planning a war, not pruning inactive members.
A challenging world
You are the hunted, not the hunter.  Try to settle in the "wrong" area and you may find a hundred mutants attacking you in the middle of the night (or day!)  Wander into the "wrong" area and you may encounter a nano-storm that shears the flesh from your body.  You must always be on the lookout and ensure you have the right equipment for the right scenarios.  In AEO you cannot wander around randomly or go sight-seeing without worry.  Prepare, be vigilant, and expect conflict.

What are some of the cool features?
Scavenge for parts, forge your own, barter with other players for the best modifications available, and wreak havoc on your enemies with your custom-build vehicles.  Have your friends or hired hands fire from positions within the vehicle for true-multiplayer combat.  Build a nimble single-weapon dune buggy or a massive war machine based on multiple tanks.  Technology advancement has not stood still in AEO and there are many types of machines to create, from simple motorcycles to walking mechs.  Your imagination is the only limit to what can be built.
Player quests
Gone are the days of "collect 100 bat wings for 1000 xp".  Quests are player generated in the you can create or accept contracts other players create.  In addition to contracts, playing the game will be reward enough.  You can expect to receive a reward from any challenging encounter.
There are no instances in AEO.  The world is one giant area that can accommodate thousands of simultaneous players.  The technology the game runs on allows this to work seamlessly.

What is the business model?
This is still under consideration but the current thought is to offer a monthly subscription.

Experience of the "team"
Todd Barron, the designer/architect of the game, has been creating games for 20 years and is a lead architect in building massively parallel computing platforms.