Design Principle – Fortifications

To defend yourself and your friends from the random hordes and other players, you can build fortifications in AEO.  Not only can you build the typical walls players have come to expect in survival elemented games, but you can also build defenses such as automated turrets, many types of traps, and even hire NPC guards to defend your area when you are offline.

You can also expect to gain skill and experience from building defenses.  While many games only reward those on offense, in AEO, you gain rewards from building and maintaining a successful defense as well.

Design Principle – Roaming Hordes

Unlike typical MMORPGs, in AEO you will be attacked by hordes of creatures.  The world has evolved, which means new and exotic insects, animals, mutants, and hybrids exist within it.  They will not sit idly by, waiting for you to enter their "aggro" zone.  They will seek you out, attack your base, and possibly even overtake settled areas if you let them.

Design Principle – Attunement

There is no magic per se in Armageddon Earth Online, but nanotechnology and powers of the human mind have evolved to the point that it is impossible to distinguish fact from fiction.

In AEO, each person is attuned to a certain degree to either the psychic arts or nanotech.  From this attunement, further classification of the player evolves as they grow their powers in the world.  For example, a nanotech attuned player may use the nano powers to extend their combat strengths.  Another may use nanotech to alter the very elements of the Earth.

There are no classes in AEO, instead, the actions of players determine their lot in life.  Some may stay grounded in the traditional laws of physics while others may seek an elevated alignment with quantum mechanics.

Design Principle – New and Old Technology

Armageddon Earth Online is not just about old or current technology in a post-apocalyptic setting.  Although civilization is very different from what you expect, progress has continued in advancement of technology and the world did not "end" until far into the future from now.

There are autonomous robots, drones, mechs, and things that seem magical at first glance.  These items live alongside rusted out amalgamations of vehicles from the 1980's with armor, weapons, and engines from the 2200s.