Ecosystem Development

In the game I am working on you will have entire ecosystems.  Gone are the days of random spawners.  With SpatialOS you will have real lifecycles.  For example,  mutant dogs will eat mutant flies which in turn allows them to poo.  Mutant flies will lay eggs in the poo, hatching more mutual flies!  The cycle of life will go on.  Of course, players can mess with the cycle but there will be safeguards in place.  But... genocide is possible!

In this shot you can see two mutant dogs chasing after a giant fly for a snack!

Optimization and New Content

I've been working on performance optimization as well as an incremental loading system (so that people don't think the game crashed.)  The new content will take you to a completely new area (caves,) after you pass the 250 room mark!  I plan to add more areas you can unlock as you progress, so start practicing!

Here is a sneak peek of the cave level:

New Rooms in the Works

I've been busy tidying up the code for release but also have been adding several new rooms to encounter.  Check out the room below.  In it, there are spinning "pillars of death" with four portals.  If you walk into a portal, it randomly teleports you to another one!  Can you make it past the pillars and grab the treasure in the middle?  Or do you avoid them and take the portals?