The Little Stuff

As with most game development, you spend most of your time chasing bugs, adding features, and other necessary things that are not glamorous.  In this case I've spent the past couple of weeks implementing Xbox controls to allow you to play the game with a wireless controller!

The finish line is in sight for the mobile release, so expect it in App stores somewhat soon (January 2017 if the approval process goes through.)


Ever wonder what the developer sees?

When developing a game, what you see as a developer is much different from the final product.  In the scene below you can see the flaming pit room as seen by the level designer. The green areas represent collision zones that either trigger different things such as sounds or allow the player to interact with traps, treasure, etc.

Crumble Run Level in the Works

There are a ton of other things not visible here such as the scripting and meta-data associated with each level.  In Crumble Run, these levels are randomly pieced together to form the seamless player experience.  The rooms vary though as elements in the room (treasure, traps, monsters, etc.) all randomly turn on based on the current difficulty which is evaluated based on how many rooms the player has run through.